Francisco Castillo aka Franky Castle 


I chose to paint under the english version of my name). Born in Guadalajara Jalisco MX, raised in Anaheim California from the age of three.


I've been painting and creating for as long as i can remember. In my early teens i was part of a large group of Street Artist Circa early 90's in Orange County. I also love music and began playing guitar and formed a punk band with a few High School buddies.

I gravitate towards anything Artsy. I pick up quickly and most importantly, i enjoyed what i'm creating. Art gives me a voice to express, whether it's through paint and traditional canvas or i can choose spray cans for a full size mural. If i still have more to express, i pick up my guitar and begin playing music. I actually picked up a pair of scissors one day and started cutting hair and i became the neighborhood barber.


I was intrigued at the idea of going into business for myself so became an entrepreneur and i opened up my first authorized Boost Mobile Retail Store Circa 1999.

To make a long story short, I spent over 17 years in the Wireless Industry and on April 1st, 2016 i sold my cellular retail store and went All In on my passion and love for the Arts. I was away from Art for nearly 26 years. Last time i painted was my freshmen year in High School 1990. Im very new in this Art World, and i'm very  driven, inspired and committed to making some real noise very soon... Learning by Doing  


I'm four years in as a full-time artist. Im still in this exploring stage and i'm not afraid to try different techniques. Life is not perfect and i like to reflect that message in my work by embracing my raw emotions and keeping all my brushstrokes including the not so pretty mistakes. Music plays a big part in my Artwork. 


I love world culture and world travel.  


(Francisco J. Castillo Jr.)